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Whether you travel to ACK every year or have never been, the history, sights and sounds of the island are worth learning about.

Here are some of what interests us most about Nantucket:

Nantucket has ties to coffee

James Athearn Folger was a Nantucket native and started the Folger’s Coffee Company after serving coffee to prospectors during the Gold Rush.

Nantucket is known for its whales

The novel Moby Dick by Herman Melville was based on a true life event that occurred in 1820 to the Nantucket whale ship Essex. Today, The humpback whale is the most common species found around the Cape and Islands, with the more rare North Atlantic Right whales also becoming more common as well.

Nantucket is known for its whales

Every property sale on Nantucket has a 2% fee applied to the purchase price that goes to the Land Bank which buys conservation land.

Nantucket has Wings

The 1990s television shows “Wings” was set off Nantucket at a fictional Tom Nevers field airport. Images based on ACK can be seen in the show.

Nantucket and ships

There are over 700 shipwrecks surrounding Nantucket island, the most famous of which is the Andrea Doria which sank off the coast of Nantucket in July 1956.

Places and things we love about Nantucket build off the islands past, and make the island’s culture so unique.

These are some of our favorites:

The Nantucket Whaling Museum

Located in the town of Nantucket, the museum is run by the Nantucket Historical Association. The Whaling Museum is the flagship site of the Nantucket Historical Association’s fleet of properties. Between the Whaling Museum and the Shipwreck and Lifesaving Museum, we never tire of the hands-on displays, captivating presentation of history, and special exhibitions. Be sure the check out the upper deck view of town and the three story clock that’s a centerpiece of the venue. Click Here


It may seem counterintuitive that an island so beautiful can also present a dangerous navigational feat for vessels in the past and present. Surrounded by rocks, shoals and rip tides, the lighthouses of Nantucket have served a guides for vessels in the North Atlantic for decade. There are three lighthouses on Nantucket and regardless of their accessibility we find their majestic nature and beauty timeless.

Visit Brant Point  Sankaty Head  Great Point if you can.

Cisco Brewery

An entrepreneurial foray into beermaking in 1992, coupled with an introduction to the founders of Nantucket Vineyard led to the beginning of the brewery and the start of one of the most successful beer brands in the northeast. Trying to describe the vibe of the brewery near Cisco beach and the quality of the beverages they produce can’t do justice to what Randy and Wendy Hudson have created. We encourage you to see for yourself and learn more here

Captain Tom’s Charters

A quintessential fishing charter, Capt. Tom’s team has a passion for people, fishing, and Nantucket that we believe is unmatched. Managing  4 boats specifically designed for fishing around Nantucket, his amazing crew combines over a century of fishing on Nantucket and the same great enthusiasm for fishing and people that Tom himself possesses. Regardless of your level of fishing expertise, we believe Capt. Tom’s team provides the best experience. For more about Capt. Tom’s, Click Here