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Organic Artisan Coffee Blends

Small Batch, Fresh Roasted.

Are coffee blends as good as single-origin?

Yes. And they can even be better, if that’s what you like.

In some ways a coffee blend can provide an exponential level of creativity to a coffee roaster. While single-origin coffee allows creativity around the roast profile and depth of roast of a given bean, imagine now being able to add additional flavor hints from the mixture of complimentary coffee bean types.

The possibilities are suddenly endless…

Our blended coffee’s are designated by region. While coffee beans can vary from farm to farm and variety to variety, there are flavor traits that are generally consistent with growing regions. We strive to create coffee blends that provide a reliable and extraordinary experience that stays within basic parameters of the vibe we’re striving for.

We think we’re getting it right, but your opinion shapes what we do and we’d love to get your feedback!

These are our blended coffee’s that are inspired by the places they are named after