Tolima Finca San Sebastian

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* Tasting notes: pear, orange, brown sugar

**Limited Roast **

Part of ACK Roasters “limited roast series”, you now have the opportunity to try beans less widely available that produce unique coffees and have flavor characteristics we think you’ll love. These are truly small batch roasts and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Producing a full body coffee with above average sweetness and average acidity, we find the coffee produced by this bean to be complex and delightful. Medium-dark roasted, (we may even create a dark roast in May…) we think this is representative of what a great Columbian coffee can be.

  • Limited roast
  • Rain Forest Alliance Certified
  • Organic
  • 12 oz resealable compostable bags
  • Shipped fresh roasted

* Tasting notes do not mean the coffee is flavored. Tasting notes for all coffees can be very subtle and dependent on the way the coffee is brewed.

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Coffee details

Exceptionally complex for an Organic Colombian bean, we find this roast has a bold acidity with an almost syrupy body and nice balanced acidity, and moderate sweetness.

Region Details


This Organic Rainforest Alliance Certified bean originates from Tolima Department (region) in the Sub-Region of Planadas which produces more Cup Of Excellence Finalists than even Huila or Narino. Colombia is the second largest exporter of Arabica coffee in the world. All coffee grown is Arabica species, and mostly all is grown at high elevation and wet processed. Colombia coffee has a well-earned reputation as having fine body, pleasant acidity and clean flavor. Each region brings a little something different to the final product.

Miller Gutierrez is the owner of Finca San Sebastian, in the department of Tolima. With 27 years of experience as a coffee grower, Miller learned how to best utilize the growing conditions within his region, like altitude, microclimate, and good soil. He manages the farm with help from his family, and as a part of his commitment to sustainability and  the environment, he got his farm certified by Rainforest Alliance. He believes that coffee is the way to a better future and as a result of this core belief, he emphasized education for his kids and implementing agricultural practices on his farm that ensure the preservation of the natural resources.​


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This medium-dark roast bean produces
a full body flavorful coffee that has an
above average sweetness and low acidity
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