Surfside Blend™

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* Tasting notes: orange, milk chocolate, caramel


Chosen because it reminds us of that edgy surfer vibe that exists at a beach known for its rolling waves, sandy cliffs, and amazing food truck selections.
Not for the faint of heart… this dark roast Honduran blend produces a flavorful, bold, full body coffee that has above average sweetness and acidity. From the moment you smell it’s remarkable aroma to your first sip, this coffee continues to impress us with how delicious it is.
  • A perfect blend of Honduran select single origin beans
  • Fair Trade certified
  • Organic
  • 12 oz resealable compostable bags
  • Shipped fresh roasted daily

* Tasting notes do not mean the coffee is flavored. Tasting notes for all coffees can be very subtle and dependent on the way the coffee is brewed.


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The breezy Jeep ride out to the Beach was mellow with the top down. The salt air greeted you as you drove across the delicate sand to reach a parking spot. The hot dog vendor was cooking fresh hot dogs that were offered with a tangy sauerkraut compliment. The bright sun briefly stings your eyes until you put on your sunglasses. Maybe today you’ll learn to surf. Our Surfside selection is just like that, but it’s coffee


Region details

The 6th largest coffee producing region worldwide, Honduras produced about 860M pounds of coffee in 2020.
It’s believed that coffee was first introduced to Honduras by European traders sometime in the late 18th century. Records show that by the mid-19th century, farms had been established and coffee was grown on a small scale.
Honduras has many of the climatic and geographic conditions necessary to produce high quality coffee. However, because it lacked the infrastructure benefiting other coffee growing countries in the region, Honduras historically struggled to produce specialty coffee on par with its neighbors. For years, this meant the majority of the country’s coffee was relegated to commercial grade blending.
In recent years, Honduras has emerged as one of world’s the most important coffee origins. and is now 7th largest in the world. The coffee world has taken notice of the excellent quality found in Honduras as well.
Coffee beans from this country are wet-processed before they are graded based on their quality. This grade takes into account the growing altitude:
  • Strictly High Grown - grown 1350 meters above sea level
  • High Grown - grown 1200-1350 meters above sea level
  • Central Standard - grown below 1200 meters above sea level
Coffee beans grown at higher altitude are typically considered to have better taste and quality. Higher altitude temperatures are usually cooler and this allows for a slower maturation process. The slower cycle gives the sugars more time to develop, producing richer and deeper flavors.

2 reviews for Surfside Blend™


This coffee quickly became my favorite! The flavor is delicious and the texture is smooth.

Monica Snow (verified owner)

Surfside has become our go-to dark roast since the first time we tasted it!
Surfside delivers a marvelously full-bodied cup, dark and chocolately…….with absolutely no hint of bitterness.

Additionally, we are really impressed with ACK’s customer service. It has been outstanding in a way the bigger roasting/subscription companies never could manage!

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A flavorful, bold, dark roast full body
Honduran blend that has above average
sweetness and acidity
From $11.86  per bag