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* Tasting notes:  Dark Chocolate, Lemon, Almond

**Limited Roast **

Part of ACK Roasters “limited roast series”, you now have the opportunity to try beans less widely available that produce unique coffees and have flavor characteristics we think you’ll love. These are truly small batch roasts and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Producing a full body coffee with above average sweetness and medium acidity, we love the combination of flavors that are predominant from the moment you smell the fresh roasted bean, to the time you take your first sip. We medium/dark roasted this bean to retain as much of the citrus and almond flavors available.

  • Limited Roast
  • Fair Trade certified
  • Organic
  • 12 oz resealable compostable bags
  • Shipped fresh roasted

* Tasting notes do not mean the coffee is flavored. Tasting notes for all coffees can be very subtle and dependent on the way the coffee is brewed.


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A unique medium/dark roast bean that produces a rich full bodied coffee.  This roast brings out a nice balance between citrus and chocolate with a little flavor of almond.


Region details:

Las Segovias, Nicaragua:
Over 2,300 small-scale farmers have joined together to create the Central Multiple Service Cooperative, better known as PRODECOOP. The initial coffee processing takes place on the individual farms. Sun-drying and final processing takes place at the coop’s dry mill, Las Segovias, located in the town of Palacaguina. PRODECOOP carefully supervises all phases of the coffee production and processing in order to ensure strict quality control. The coop has spent the last few years identifying and marketing the coop’s best coffees to improve the economic status of all the farmers. The coop families are proud to offer these excellent, high quality coffees as an example of their hard work and dedication.

Additional information

Weight12 oz
Dimensions4 × 3 × 9 in
Whole Bean or Ground

Compostable K-Cup®, Ground, Whole Bean


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