Sconset Blend™

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* Tasting notes: orange, strawberry, graham cracker


Named for the village on the easternmost point of Nantucket Island (and the U.S.), this selection is reminiscent of the gardens and iconic lighthouse that adorn the town.
This wonderful medium roast Ethiopian blend produces an average body coffee that’s a little sweeter and has a higher acidity.
  • A perfect blend of our select beans
  • Fair Trade certified
  • Organic
  • 12 oz resealable compostable bags
  • Shipped fresh roasted

* Tasting notes do not mean the coffee is flavored. Tasting notes for all coffees can be very subtle and dependent on the way the coffee is brewed.


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You woke up your first morning on the Island to the sound of waves gently pounding the beach. Walking to the kitchen you notice the subtle floral fragrance Hydrangea and Roses that climb up the side of the cottage. You decide to walk to the Market to pick up one of the rich pastries; perhaps a chocolate one this time. As you arrive, the sweet air of baked goods welcomes you. Our Sconset selection is just like that, but it’s coffee…


Region details:

The 5th largest coffee producing region globally, and considered the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia produced about 972M pounds of coffee in 2020 and is the highest coffee producing region in Africa. Most coffee growers are smallholder farms, producing just over 600 lbs per year on average. Coffee farmers grow these “garden coffees” on smallholding plots usually covering less than a hectare of land. With the exception of a few large government-run estates, nearly all of Ethiopia’s coffee is grown by small-scale farmers who continue to implement traditional methods. Around 20% of the coffee in Ethiopia is wild-grown in coffee forests. One of best known is Gesha forest where the original Gesha coffee plants came from.


Sun-drying is the traditional processing method that is still often used in Ethiopia. During natural processing coffee beans are dried with the coffee fruit still on, allowing for an intense deep and fruity flavor. Full, syrupy body of naturally processed Ethiopia coffees is accompanied by a hint of blueberry and strawberry.

4 reviews for Sconset Blend™


Great aroma with a hint of citrus. Full body flavor. I’m enjoying this coffee every morning and I highly recommend it.


This morning I started my day with a cup (or 2) of Sconset roast coffee. Great flavor and smooth! Just the kick I needed to get up and out on a cold winter day.

Susan (verified owner)

Morning can’t be here soon enough! Just received my order, super fast without extra fees.


I tried this for the first time and have loved every sip…and I’m ordering more! Rich, aromatic…and everything the product description promised!


Thank you for your comment! Sconset is such a unique flavorful medium roast coffee; we’re glad you enjoyed it.

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A bright, flavorful, medium roast and medium body 
Ethiopian coffee with above average sweetness and acidity 
From $11.86  per bag


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From: $13.95 or subscribe and save up to 15%