Scituate Harbor Fog Lifter ™

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* Tasting notes: graham cracker,  chocolate, cherry, papaya


It’s not just about the caffeine…

When you perfectly roast beans you get the the unique flavor profiles nature intended. We took wonderful single origin organic beans, skillfully fresh roasted them and blended a perfect combination to derive a medium-dark roast coffee that we believe delivers the perfect profile to get your day off to the best possible start.  Its not a true medium roast, and its not nearly as dark as many dark roast out there. We took the roast past it’s “first crack” but just barely into the second. We feel this retained the right amount of the citrus flavor a medium roast would deliver, and also rounded out the acidity with a little more roasting time. Some say our roasts are “coffee so good, it doesn’t need cream or sugar”; but we’ll let you decide.

  • The perfect blend of select single origin beans
  • Fair Trade
  • Organic
  • 12 oz resealable compostable bags
  • Shipped fresh roasted daily

* Tasting notes do not mean the coffee is flavored. Tasting notes for all coffees can be very subtle and dependent on the way the coffee is brewed.

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Coffee details

You know what it's like; the morning is grey, the Harbor is foggy, or dinner in town went later than expected... We get it. Like the lights on your favorite Jeep, the guidance of a skillful charter captain, or a morning walk on Minot , we believe Scituate Harbor Fog Lifter gets you to your destination in a better way. 

Region Details

Southeast of Sulawesi lies the island of Timor. Coffee was originally planted here by Portuguese explorers over 400 years ago. These particular beans originate in the Maubisse region with elevations of about 1600masl. The island was devastated by widespread coffee leaf rust many years ago, leading to the development of the Timor hybrid. This hybrid has been replanted and cross-bred with other cultivars around the globe. On Timor, the producers operate on very small farms, generally less than a hectare. These small farms formed the Coopertiva Cafe Timor or CCT in 1994. CCT is one of the largest employers on the island. CCT has helped the producers receive Organic and Fair Trade certifications so they may receive a premium for their harvest. The Timor bean is "fully washed". The coffee is picked, de-pulped, and soaked in water to loosen the mucilage, and then laid out to dry generally on a patio or indoors to protect it from the rains. In Timor, the farmers sometimes have access to mechanical driers, and beans will be dried until about 10-12% moisture.  The coffee will then be transported to a specialized mill for wet-hulling which removes the protective parchment layer. The parchment layer on the coffee from Timor will remain intact until the dry mill, producing a more clean flavor profile.

1 review for Scituate Harbor Fog Lifter ™

Anne Stone (verified owner)

Absolutely delicious. Rich in flavor! I thought I mightneed to add cream to coffee to cut some of the boldness. But I savored every black sip!

I can’t wait to try them all!


Thank you so much for your comment! We enjoy making these specialty blends, and Fog Lifter is one that took a bit of thought.

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When either the harbor (or your day) is a bit
clouded this medium/dark roast Honduran and
Costa Rican blend produces a delicious,
well rounded, flavorful coffee with average acidity
and moderate sweetness 
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